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Backstreet’s back

Hanging out in a small backstreet in my city, feeling like a backstreet boy from the 90’s with this hair…


Fresh out of plastic surgery

This week I went to the hospital for a major upgrade on my head. Now I’m fresh out of surgery…


Mixing the beats

Just hanging out at my club during my spare time having fun mixing some nice tech house tracks.


First post in a while

I haven’t done anything with my blog or Flickr for many months as I have been busy with my solo…


What happened to the blog?

Many of you have noticed that I have not blogged for some months and some of you have even asked…


Made it to the catwalk

So I made it to the catwalk again wearing my Matova kilt and Gild one armed sweater. Complete the look!…


Playing arcade games

I found a cool arcade gameing hall. These places are getting rare now most people sit at home playing on…


Growing my own weed

Who would have thought creating new life could be so exciting? Now I’m growing my own weed in my own…


Sea breeze and nicotine

Love the taste and smell of fresh sea breeze and nicotine. Complete the look! Sunglasses: UC Emperor sunglasses – TMJ…


Starting early on the summer body

I know it’s only end of February, but I feel I need to start working that summer body already so…