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Champagne at the marina

I finally got myself a really nice sailboat and a berth at the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club (RSYC), so today…


Taking crop tops from the girls

2021, the boys are taking crop tops from the girls. I don’t care if you got a sixpack or a…


Wanna go for a ride?

Wanna go for a ride with me? I just got my new winter tires, and I’m ready for a road…


It’s Craig’s turn now!

Yeah, now it’s my turn. Screw Trump and Biden! I’m taking over now! With me as president we will have…


Summer days

Enjoying some very warm summer days here in the north. Yesterday we had more than 31.5° C (that’s 89° F…


Backstreet’s back

Hanging out in a small backstreet in my city, feeling like a backstreet boy from the 90’s with this hair…


Fresh out of plastic surgery

This week I went to the hospital for a major upgrade on my head. Now I’m fresh out of surgery…


Mixing the beats

Just hanging out at my club during my spare time having fun mixing some nice tech house tracks.


First post in a while

I haven’t done anything with my blog or Flickr for many months as I have been busy with my solo…


What happened to the blog?

Many of you have noticed that I have not blogged for some months and some of you have even asked…