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New pic for my passport

I got so tired of being taken to interview rooms at every border passing, I decided to update my passport image so it looks like me with my new haircut.

Complete the look!

  • Head: CATWA Daniel – Mainstore
  • Eyes: CATWA Un-rigged eye v1.1 – Mainstore
  • Hair: Modulus Tommy hair – Mainstore
  • Ears: L’Etre Pure mesh ears – Mainstore
  • Lip piercings: Gabriel Lip piercing (Catwa) copper – Mainstore
  • Nose piercing: L’Etre Les accessoires Cooper septum – Mainstore
  • Body: Belleza Jake –Mainstore
  • Tattoo: PMS Everything under the skies – Marketplace
  • Jacket w/T-shirt: Vexiin Track jacket (with undershirt) – Mainstore