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“Faris” bento male dace from MOVE! Animations Cologne

YES! It’s finally here. A new MALE bento dance package from MOVE! Animations Cologne. I’ve been nagging on the MOVE! management for months now about how I’d love to see a new male release, and now they finally released one.

Faris gives a nice variation of dances. The first animations are a bit shy, like that unpopular guy at the high school prom just discretely moving his feet alone in a dark corner. As you cycle through the animations, you see Faris getting more daring, and some of them have both legs moving and arms up in the air. I feel this is a very good and typical male dance.

We all know girls normally rules the dance floor and are often more daring while we guys tag along until we get drunk enough to let go. I feel this dance package reflects just that. It starts with the shy sober guy who doesn’t really like to dance, but as you shuffle through the animations, you see he’s getting more and more daring (maybe he had some drinks) and is finally letting go, becoming the king of the floor.

I’ve already used the Faris dance package at clubs, and people are asking me “Cool, where did you get that dance?” And then I automatically turn on my “salesman switch” and say;

You can get these dances at MOVE! Animations Cologne mainstore or marketplace. You can either buy the animations separately for L$300 each, or save more than 20% by purchasing the whole fatpack for L$2399. 

As always, MOVE! Animations Cologne uses real life dancers with digital motion capture technology. The dances you see are actually recordings from real life dancers, making them look both smooth and realistic.

Want to know more about MOVE! Animations Cologne?  Check out their Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.