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“Faris” vol. 2 bento male dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne

MOVE! Animations Cologne has released a second volume of their male bento dance Faris.

Those of you who read my review on the first volume of Faris knows how much I appreciated new male bento dances from MOVE!. The second volume of Faris is very similar to the first. It does not make you a professional dancer with arms and legs carefully choreographed. However it makes you the average man or boy on the dance floor, which I find pretty cool. I’m not a professional dancer in my real life, and I see myself in so many of the Faris animations. Starting a bit shy with some careful hand movements and after a few drinks at the bar I get a little more daring, although I don’t go for a complete take off. I know that many in SL wants to look like the most professional dancers you’ve ever seen, but I think a lot of guys will appreciate the Faris animations that comes as close as it can to real life normal guys on a real life dance floor.

You can get these dances at MOVE! Animations Cologne mainstore or marketplace. You can either buy the animations separately for L$300 each, or save more than 20% by purchasing the whole fatpack for L$2399. 

As always, MOVE! Animations Cologne uses real life dancers with digital motion capture technology. The dances you see are actually recordings from real life dancers, making them look both smooth and realistic.

Want to know more about MOVE! Animations Cologne?  Check out their Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.